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The James I. Perkins College of Education includes the Departments of Elementary Education, Human Services,
Kinesiology and Health Science, and Secondary Education and Educational Leadership, and the School of Human
Sciences. Each offers programs of study in educator certification as well as in various non-teaching programs.
For a list of the programs of study, see the appropriate department/school link to the left of this page. Sciences.
Each offers programs of study in educator certification as well as in various non-teaching programs. For a list of the
programs of study, see the appropriate department/school ink to the left of this page.

COLLEGE OF EDUCATION BULLETIN 2015-2016 [pdf] excerpt from General Bulletin


Requirements for Undergraduate Degrees

To qualify for a degree, candidates may choose to meet the requirments of the current bulletin or of any bulletin in effect between the dates of their matriculation and graduation, provided that the period between such dates does not exceed six years and provided they were enrolled during this year of the bulletin chosen. In the event students serve on active duty with the armed forces of the United States between dates of their matriculation and graduation, the six-year limit will be extended one year for each year of active duty served, up to a maximum extension of four years.

Degree Plan Requirements

Each Student is held responsible for meeting the requirements of a degree program as degree program asoutlined in the General Bullentin and by the major/minor advisers and dean.

Each student is encouraged to file an Official Degree Program as early as possible, but no later than the completion of 100 hours or at least two semesters prior to his/her anticipated graduation date.

The appropriate adviser and the dean of the college in which the student is registered must approve any changes in the student's Official Degree Program in writing. If the degree program is planned to also lead to a teaching certificate, the dean of the College of Education also must approve any change.

Student Service and Advising Center

The Perkins College of Education Student Advising Center is located in McKibben Education Building Room 118. The advising center offers the following services for all Perkins College of Education majors.

Tentative degree plans- to be filed after 45 hours
Final degree plans- to be filed after completing 90 semester credit hours
Petitions or changes to degree plans
Change of majors/minors
Filing for graduation


Applications and Forms

Requirements for Educator Certification

Apply to Educator Certification by logging into mySFA then >Self Service Banner >Student >Apply to Educator Certification

To be eligible to apply:

You MUST meet all the requirements per the attachment
You MUST have declared the correct concentration that coincides with your major for your certification (this is done through your Advisor)
You MUST have submitted your test scores to

Please call 936-468-1275 or email for information, questions or concerns.


Academic Appeal Form [pdf]

This form is to be utilized by Students who are on Academic Suspension and wish to be considered for reinstatement during the Fall or Spring semester. If on Academic Probation, you must contact your Student Success Advisor to determine a plan of action for the upcoming semester.

If placed on Probation, Continued Probation or Suspension, it is your responsibility to communicate this with your Student Success Advisor.

Aide Exemption [pdf]

This form is to be submitted if you believe you have met the requirements to be exempt from Student Teaching. You must submit your application with proof of receiving Educational Aide funds and proof of having successfully used delegated funds (and having successfully completed) for such noted semester.

Degree Plan Request [pdf]

When instructed by delegated Academic Advisor, student will submit this form to request a degree plan. You may request a degree plan beginning at 45 completed hours.

Graduate Tracking Forms [pdf]

This form is to be submitted to the Graduate Program Coordinator, or a Certification based Graduate Level Program.


Receive up to $4,000 per year (full time) with a total of $16,000 for undergraduate study and $ 8,000 for graduate programs with the TEACH Grant Program.

This grant is available to students who intend to teach in a public or private elementary or secondary school that serves students from low-income families. If, after reading the information on the TEACH Grant website you are interested in learning more about the grant, you should contact the SFA Financial Aid office.


SFA graduate students have the opportunity to work side-by-side with professors on important research projects, study abroad in places like China, Costa Rica and Italy, and further develop their work and leadership skills by serving in internship programs throughout the community.