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Certification Data


Testing Pass Rates for Educator Preparation


2018-2019 Organized by pass rates [pdf]

2017-2018 Organized by pass rates [pdf]

2016-2017 Organized by pass rates [pdf]

2015-2016 Organized by pass rates [pdf]

2014-2015 Organized by pass rates [pdf]

2013-2014 Organized by pass rates [pdf]

2012-2013 Organized by pass rates [pdf] 

Accountability System for Educator

Preparation (ASEP) Annual Performance Reports


2018 Annual Report [pdf]

2017 Annual Report [pdf]

2017 Annual Performance Report [pdf]

2016 Annual Performance Report [pdf]

2015 Annual Performance Report [pdf]

SFA Educator Preparation Provided Documents


SFA Educator Preparation Unit Data


TEA Provided Resources


Map of EPP Programs in Texas


CAEP Annual Reports


2018-2019 Annual Report [pdf]

2017-2018 Annual Report [pdf]

2016-2017 Annual Report [pdf]

2015-2016 Annual Report [pdf]

Title II Reports


2014-2015 Alt Summary Pass Rate [xlsx] 

2014-2015 Alt Single Assessment Pass Rate [xlsx]

2014-2015 Trad Summary Pass Rate [xlsx] 

2014-2015 Trad Single Assessment Pass Rate [xlsx]

2013-2014 Alternative [pdf]

2013-2014 Traditional [pdf]

Data Day Presentations


2018 Things Constantly Change [pdf]

2017 Analyze Collaborate Transform [pdf]

2014 Fall Presentation [pdf]

2013 Spring CAEP for Data Day [pdf]

2013 Spring Advocacy [pdf]

2013 Fall Knowing Ourselves [pdf]

2012 How to Make TracDat Work For You [pdf]

Curriculum Alignment Charts


EC-6 Face to Face and Online [docx]

Elementary Ed Masters with EC-6 Cert [pdf]

4-8 Face to Face and Online [docx]

Elementary Ed Masters with 4-8 Cert [pdf]

Sec Ed All Level PPR and Teacher

Standards [docx]

Sec Ed All Level Classroom Teaching Standards [docx]

Sec Ed All Level Classroom Technology

Standards [docx]

Sec Ed Curriculum Coursework [docx]

Masters of Arts and Teaching [docx]

Program Syllabi


EC-6 Face to Face [pdf]

EC-6 Online [pdf]

4-8 Face to Face [docx]

4-8 Online [docx]

Elementary Ed Masters with EC-6 Cert [pdf]

Elementary Ed Masters with 4-8 Cert [pdf]

Masters of Arts and Teaching [docx]

Advanced Program Matrices


Visual Impairment [docx]

Educational Diagnostician [docx]

Principal Alignment Chart [docx]

Superintendent Alignment Chart [docx]

Reading Specialist Alignment Chart [pdf]

School Counselor Alignment Chart [docx]

Advanced Program Syllabi


Visual Impairment [docx]

Masters of Ed Special Ed Cert [pdf]

Principal Program [docx]

Superintendent [docx]

Reading Specialist [pdf]

School Counselor [docx]