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Post Baccalaureate Initial Certification

Master's Degrees that lead to Initial Certification

Master of Arts Degree with Certification (Certification for grades 7-12 and EC-12)
, Certification Officer

Master of Education in Special Education with Certification as an Educational Diagnostician
, Program Coordinator

, Program Coordinator

Master of Education Degree in Elementary Education (Certification for grades EC-6 and 4-8)
, Program Coordinator

Alternative Certification Information

Admission Requirements:

1. 2.5 overall undergraduate GPA - or - 2.8 in your last 60 hours undergraduate GPA
2. Passing PACT score in the content area you wish to teach
3. Application to Grad School.

(Special Education MAY require the GRE. See Dr. Paige Mask in Special Education for more details.)

Certified to Teach Requirements:

1. Two tests - Preadmission Content Test (PACT) taken before you enter the program and Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities TExES taken prior to program completion.
2. Coursework (15 hours in secondary education/30-33 hours in elementary education)
3. Field Experience - either one semester of student teaching -or- a one year internship as the teacher of record in a classroom on a probationary teaching certificate.


After you are admitted with the PACT complete you will receive a letter stating you are highly qualified under the terms of No Child Left Behind. With this letter you may apply for jobs.

State requirements prior to teaching include 30 observation hours and 80 hours of course work. This means you will take two online classes prior to being in a classroom. In addition if you are completing the internship you will take an online internship class, and will be supervised and mentored until you have been recommended for your standard certificate - minimum 180 days. If you have not been accepted into our program or hired for a teaching position until after June 15 of a calendar year, you will qualify as a "late hire". In this case you may complete your 30 observation hours within 90 school days of the teaching assignment. (For more information see Texas Administrative Code 228.35)


PBIC Intern Handbook [pdf]
Apply to the Graduate School - make sure you apply for a Master of Elementary Education or a Master of Secondary Education. In both cases you will answer "yes" to the question near the end of the application that asks do you plan to obtain a Standard Texas Teaching Certificate.
Testing PreparationT-CERT- State approved test preparation website for students taking EC-12 PPR or pursuing science and math certification
Tuition Calculator (make sure you choose graduate school) - In addition to tuition there will be supervision and mentoring fees of $1500 that we pay directly to your supervisor and mentor from fees you pay SFASU.

After Certification Requirements:

Please contact one of the the following advisors:
Advisor for Masters of Education in Elementary Education:

Phone: 936-468-2904
Advisor for Masters of Art in Teaching in Secondary Education:

Advisor for Masters of Education in Special Education:

Phone: 936-468-1076