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Lumberjacks Make Great:

Lumberjack Success Stories

Dear PCOE:

I wanted you to be aware of a positive statement that was shared with me regarding student teachers certified by the SFASU student teaching program.  When talking to Mr. Christopher Blake, Elementary Principal at Carroll Elementary in Sheldon ISD, concerning a fall student teacher assigned to me, he noted that he had found the teachers certified by SFASU to be exceptional and well-prepared for the classroom.  He specifically asked that I share this information with the Education Department and further noted that he planned to offer the job to the teacher (from SFASU) whom we were just discussing.  I felt the compliment was unprompted and, therefore, really sends a positive message to your department!


PCOE Field Supervisor


Abbie Williams

Employer: Jasper Independent School District

Biography: My name is Abbie Williams. I attended SFA from the Fall 2010 until Spring 2014. I graduated May of 2014 with a Major in Elementary Education. I now work at Jasper Independent School District at Jean C. Few Primary as a Kindergarten teacher. I applied to many different schools and had many different interviews. I had several schools very interested and as summer was passing I was extremely nervous I was not going to have a job. Of course I had my "dream job" at my "dream school", but who gets that opportunity their first year? Jasper ISD called me for an interview and I went to my interview with an open mind. Hours after my interview the principal called me and offered me a Kindergarten position. I was ecstatic. My DREAM was to be a Kindergarten teacher! I love to watch young children grow, I watched it for many years watching my mother teach Kindergarten in Silsbee. I am enjoying every minute of my job and I love helping children realize that they are capable of learning anything and everything they set their mind to.

Experience: During my journey at SFA I was a member of Delta Zeta Sorority. I volunteered at many different places including the Painted Turtle Camp in California and working with children with different types of illnesses. I worked in the Early Childhood building helping students complete different things such as laminating and working on a computer. Working and volunteering at these different places helped me as an individual and it also helped with my career in many different ways. It helped me to better understand children and how I can help them in many different ways. A child that is sick needs to be treated just like any other child and that is what the PTC showed me. Being a Delta Zeta has helped me overcome being so shy and has helped me become the lady that I am today.

What was an important lesson learned from your work experience while at college? An important lesson learned from my work experience while at college is that I can juggle many different things. I am someone that has to finish what I start. I learned to only start something that I know I can finish. I can do anything I set my mind to so the possibilities are endless!

What career-related advice would you like to share with current students, you wish you knew prior to graduating? I would like to share some special advice to current students that I wish that I would of known prior to graduating. Chase your dreams. Set a goal and don't finish until you have reached your goal, you know what you want to do…… it's up to you to get there!


Rebecca Lyles

Employer: Center Independent School District

Biography: My name is Rebecca Lyles. While attending SFA, I majored in Elementary Education. I graduated in May 2014. During my last year at SFA, I was excited to graduate and use my new skills in the workforce. I applied at quite a few schools, went to the SFA job fair, and I had a few schools that seemed interested. But, as graduation grew closer, I did not have any offers. In my "four year plan" related to college, I was supposed to have a job lined up by May 10. I wanted to be sitting in that seat sure that I had a position waiting for me afterwards. My plan did not become a reality. A couple of weeks post-graduation, I applied at Center Elementary School. I immediately received a call about an interview, had the interview, and was offered a position as a third grade reading and social studies teacher. I was thrilled when I received the news. It is now my eighth week of the school year and I love it! SFA did a wonderful job of preparing me for what was ahead in the "real world".

Experience: I completed my two semesters of interning in public schools in Nacogdoches ISD and the SFA Charter school, and my student teaching was done at Raguet Elementary in Nacogdoches. I am grateful that SFA's education program allowed us to gain experience by working with students in schools who all come from different backgrounds. Because of the diversity among SFA Charter classes and Nacogdoches ISD, I felt that I was able to gain real world knowledge about how to handle certain situations that arise in the everyday classroom.

What was an important lesson learned from your work experience while at college? During my junior year at SFA, I worked on campus. I was a student caller for the Phonejack program. It taught me how to be personable, friendly and how to handle stressful situations. After one semester of calling, I was promoted to student manager. With that job came a lot more responsibility, but I liked the challenge. Being a student manager required a lot of preparation for each calling session. It taught me the importance of always being prepared and that you always need a back-up plan. This lesson is specifically important in the teaching profession.

What career-related advice would you like to share with current students, you wish you knew prior to graduating? Make sure you have a strong resume. It will really set you apart from the other people vying for the same position. SFA Career Services will help you work on your resume and make it the best that it can be. Take advantage of this service. Also, do not be afraid to apply a lot of places. Even if you think you have a 'dream job' in a 'dream city', you might find a job somewhere you have never heard of, and realize it is exactly what you wanted.