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Clinical Teacher Placement Sites

Carefully consider all aspects of clinical teaching before you make a decision:

•    transportation issue
•    personal circumstances that exist for you, and
•    choices that will benefit you personally as well as professionally


Choose three districts where you are willing and able to clinical teach from the list below.

•    All three districts that you choose are equally considered and equally likely to be your placement. After all applications are submitted, they are forwarded to the school districts. Clinical teachers may not request changes to their placements after the application deadline.
•    At least three students must be placed in a district for the site to be used in a given semester. This is strongly enforced.

School districts make all placement assignments

•    Students will be informed about which school district they will be placed in, but may not know other details until the beginning of the semester.
•    Assignments to specific campuses and mentor teachers are the responsibility of the school administrators. It is unprofessional for the clinical teacher to contact the district, principal or classroom teacher to obtain a specific placement.