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LiveText Information

LiveText is the approved system used for key assignment submissions, artifact collection, accreditation standards integration, and student assessments in the James I. Perkins College of Education.


Contact Person

Hayley Gillen, Data Management Coordinator
Office: 936.468.7050
LiveText is the data management system selected by Perkins College of Education (PCOE) for program improvement and accreditation purposes.  All PCOE students are required to have and use a LiveText account, the account will be used throughout your program. Required program assignments must be submitted through LiveText. Successful completion of the course and program are dependent on submission of all required LiveText assignments. The system is also available for student use as an online digital repository, where students can store documents, images and video clips as a robust e-portfolio system to house everything related to the College of Education.

To activate your LiveText account:

Go to
If you have purchased LiveText at the bookstore, click on “Register account.”
If you do not purchase it at the bookstore, click on “Purchase Membership” and click “Standard Edition” student.
Follow the directions and type in required information.  You must enter your student ID number.
Once your account is activated, you can log in at anytime.

Courses/assignments will be loaded on your Dashboard page each semester.

Documents and Guides for Students



LiveText is the College of Education’s centralized assessment system for the teacher certification unit. LiveText provides the necessary tools for uniform data collection across all programs to track student progress.   LiveText provides the tools for reporting aggregated data to the state and national accrediting agencies regarding comprehensive assessments, plans, reports and evidence of learning for the Unit as a whole. LiveText manages and assesses institutional reports, self-studies, and program assessment plans, it collects, analyzes, and reports based on our institutional outcomes; and manages all accreditation requirements through a single, comprehensive program. Livetext meets the state requirement for a comprehensive, unit-wide assessment system for our teacher certification programs. The Unit supports making data-driven decisions about how to best meet the needs of our candidates by creating high quality programs that reflect our commitment to scholarship, professionalism, diversity, collaboration, and the effective use of technology.

Documents and Guides for Faculty