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Washington D.C. Travel

Guidelines for Washington D.C. Travel

General Travel Procedures for Washington, D.C. Travel Approval

(to begin Spring 2017)

In accordance with SFA Travel Policy, before traveling to Washington, D.C., an employee shall inform the Texas Office of State-Federal Relations about the timing and purpose of the trip, and provide the office with the name of a person who may be contacted for additional information about the trip. A completed form, Report for State Agency Travel to Washington, D.C. (available at, will meet this requirement.

All faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergraduate student of the Perkins College of Education who anticipate any University funding for travel must follow the below requirements.




1. Submit the PCOE Washington, D.C. Approval Request form located HERE to your Academic Unit Head at least 30 days prior to departure. Please include in the ‘detailed reason for travel’ section the purpose of your travel and Congressional/Federal Government Offices to be visited (if any).

2. Your Academic Unit Head/Administrative Assistant will forward form with Unit Head approval to the Assistant to the Dean to gain Dean approval.

3. Once Dean has approved, Asst. to the Dean will submit the on-line form (located at required for Washington, D.C.

4. Provost’s Office will return email approval to all parties once travel has been approved by President Gordon.

5. Once you receive President approval, submit your travel authorization (TA) for approvals at least three (3) weeks prior to departure.  Approvals include Travel Office, Academic Unit Head, Dean, ORSP (if applicable), Provost, and President (if applicable). Your Admin. Asst. may do this process for you.  Please seek guidance from them.