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Curriculum Committee

The Perkins College of Education (PCOE) Undergraduate Council is responsible for reviewing and approving all department/school undergraduate and graduate course proposals, which include the following:  adding new programs and/or new courses, deleting old programs and/or old courses, modifying existing courses, and setting or adjusting course fees.  Membership consists of the Associate Dean of Assessment and Curriculum (ex officio) and a faculty representative from each department/school who is chair/director nominated and dean appointed.  The committee chair must have at least one year of experience serving on this committee.  Members serve a three-year term on a staggered rotation.  This committee typically meets in the fall semester; the length of meetings and number of proposals determines the number of meetings.  The committee guarantees correct forms and materials are submitted to ensure the efficient progression of the proposals throughout the approval process.  It examines proposals to avoid duplication of courses and it notes the impact proposed changes have upon students’ degree plans and programs.


NameRepresentationMode AppointedYearsTerm BeginTerm End
Dr. Chrissy Cross SEEL 1 2 Years 2016 2018
Dr. Jamie Cupit Human Sciences 1 2 Years 2015 2017
Dr. Stacy Hendricks Student Services 2 Ongoing
Ms. Haley Jameson Kines & Health Sci 1 2 Years 2015 2017
Dr. Leah Kahn Elementary Ed. 1 2 Years 2016 2018
Dr. Daniel McCleary Human Services 1 2 Years 2016 2018
Ms. Lisa Stone Student Services 3 Ongoing
Dr. Kimberly Welsh Elem. Ed. 3 Ongoing

1 Chair nominated, Dean Appointed

2 Appointed by Dean

3 Appointed by Associate Dean