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Faculty Information


The Perkins COE employs approximately 150 faculty and staff across its various departments and programs. The College of Education is committed to supporting faculty and staff in their professional development efforts and in carrying out their various responsibilities. Retaining an excellent faculty known for its high quality in teaching, research, scholarship and service and a staff that is knowledgeable, skilled, and efficient are essential to the mission of the college. To that end, this page features a number of links designed to provide current information and resources for both faculty and staff.


CAEP Unit Assessment Committee Clinical Practice and Field Experience Committee
College Assessment Oversight Committee College Council
Curriculum Committee Diversity Committee
EPP Advisory Council Faculty Senate PCOE Representatives
Leadership Council Other PCOE Committees
Professional Educators Council Scholarship Committee
Teaching Excellence Committee


2020-2021 Committee Members [pdf]

2019-2020 Committee Members [pdf] 

2018-2019 Committee Members [pdf]

2017-2018 Committee Members [pdf]

2016-2017 Committee Members [pdf]

2015-2016 Committee Members [pdf]

2014-2015 Committee Members [pdf]

2013-2014 Committee Members [pdf]

2012-2013 Committee Members [pdf]

2011-2012 Committee Members [pdf]

2010-2011 Committee Members [pdf]

2009-2010 Committee Members [pdf]