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The James I. Perkins College of Education will be the college of choice for students striving to achieve professional excellence through exemplary programs that are recognized at state, national, and international levels.


The mission of the Perkins College of Education is to prepare competent, successful, caring and enthusiastic professionals from diverse backgrounds dedicated to responsible service, leadership, social justice and continued professional and intellectual development in an interconnected global society.

To accomplish this mission, the goals of the Perkins College of Education are to:

  • Provide programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels based upon sound pedagogical and clinical practice.
  • Prepare teachers, support personnel, and educational leaders for Texas Employ and support faculty members who are committed to excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service.
  • Provide a variety of teaching venues incorporating the latest technologies to a range of diverse student interests, backgrounds, and aspirations.
  • Maintain resources and facilities that allow each program to meet its expected outcomes.
  • Collaborate with external partners to enhance students' knowledge, skills, and dispositions, and to influence the  ongoing exchange of ideas for mutual benefit.
  • Engage in outreach services.
  • To address specific needs in the broader community.
  • To enhance student learning.
  • To instill commitment to service, and To promote the reputation of the University.
  • To Conduct research to advance knowledge and to contribute to the common good.

Core Values

In the Perkins College of Education, we value and are committed to:

  • Academic excellence through critical, reflective, and creative thinking
  • Life-long learning
  • Collaboration and shared decision-making
  • Openness to new ideas, to culturally diverse people, and to innovation and change
  • Integrity, responsibility, diligence, and ethical behavior
  • Service that enriches the community 

Diversity Statement

The James I. Perkins College of Education is committed to proactively recruiting and retaining a diverse faculty, staff, and student population. Through open dialogue, mutual respect, and shared responsibility, faculty, staff, and students will demonstrate an understanding and sensitivity to ethnicity, race, gender, exceptionalities, culture, language/dialect, age, social class, family structure, sexual orientation, religion, and spiritual values in order to enhance the quality of life in a diverse, global community.